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Hair Removal ( female only )

At Elite Beauty we are using two waxing techniques. One is warm wax/ strip wax for large body areas such as legs, arms, lower back etc. And hot wax for bikini and underarms. We are using only high quality products which are Vegan friendly and naturally, never tested on animals. For Hollywood and Brazilian we are using a special oil to protect your skin from the wax. That oil is like a barrier between skin and wax so why the skin is not sore or damaged. 
UPPER LIP 5 min.
CHIN  5 min.
UNDERARMS ( hot wax ) 15 min.
FULL ARMS 15 min.
BIKINI LINE - basic shaping of pubic hair into a neat upside- down triangle shape to the edge of the panty line. ( hot wax ) 15min.
EXTENDED BIKINI ( hot wax) - takes the sides of the bikini line in deeper than a regular bikini wax leaving a more defined triangle with narrower edges 
20 min.
BRAZILIAN ( hot wax ) - takes away all the hair off the bikini line leaving a small strip on the front.Hair is removed from the front all way round to the bottom area. 30 min.
HOLLYWOOD ( hot wax ) - all hair from the front, round to the bottom-complete hair removal 30 min.
BUTTOCKS 10 min.
FULL LEGS 40 min.
UPPER LEGS  20 min.
LOWER LEGS 20 min.
Waxing Packages:
Lower Leg and Brazilian/ Hollywood
Lower Leg, Brazilian/Hollywood and underarms
Lower Leg, Bikini Line and underarms
Full Legs and underarms
Full Legs and Bikini Line
Full Legs , Bikini Line and underarms
Full Legs, Hollywood/Brazilian and underarms
FULL BODY WAXING ( full legs, hollywood or brazilian, full arms, underarms) 120 min.